How important are looks?

As a 42 year man without a great history with women, it is very easy to ask oneself, how important are looks?

I openly admit that I’m not exactly blessed with any rugged handsome looks, and being also a shy guy, I look back and wonder what went wrong?  Yes, I have had girlfriends and a couple of reasonably successful relationships but I wonder why my successes have been so limited.

In some ways, looks are pretty subjective but I consider myself to be slightly closer to average than ugly, and maybe I worry too much about the physical looks but that is consistent with my experiences.  Sometimes, the online experiences can make it more difficult as when I share pictures that is often the end of any potential relationships.

I’m not looking just for love, and would love to have more chances between the sheets if the love doesn’t exist but it is very hard to get that far without the facial looks.

This leads me to another question – what happens to an ugly guy who is awesome in the sack?   Does he ever get the chances to prove he is worth a chance? A gorgeous guy who is crap in bed is much better off.

One of my previous girlfriends said that I have 2 incredible parts of my body that are close to perfect – my ass and my penis!   She wondered why I didn’t have women diving at my feet.   My answer was quite simple, women would only know that if they got me into bed but my other looks give them no clues about that.

So there we have it – I have a beautiful penis (every women I’ve been with has told me that.)   Apparently, compared to the average cock it is long, thick and incredibly smooth almost like a piece of art.     Seems like my ass is beautifiully rounded, with firmness in the right places and fits perfectly in with the rest of my body.

Having a great ass and penis however does not help in getting you chances to show your prowess.   Makes me think whether I will die wondering on what could have been a great sex life, ends up in anti-climax!

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